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Friday, November 7, 2014

Summer Fun!

This post is a bunch of odds and ends summer stuff...

Johnathan's parents got a fun new toy!  When we were down in Fillmore, we gave it a spin.  Now John wants to buy one... Maybe someday...

Earlier this summer, we went to an orchard and picked a bunch of cherries!  The kids had a lot of fun and we found out the Brynn LOVES cherries!

She got so mad when I took the bowl & cherries away.  I just wish they didn't stain so badly!

 We also got injured a lot this summer!  Why not share those pics too :)

At work, Johnathan was playing a football type game with his crew during PT (physical training) and he landed wrong on his ankle.  He sprained it pretty good!

 Check out the size of that ankle!
 Nice bruise, although it didn't bruise as much as we thought it would

This next injury has a cool story to go with it!  Johnathan loves trail running.  He was getting ready for the Spartan Race, and was trail running up Mapleton canyon.  While he was running down a small hill, he tripped on something and as he was falling, did an army roll/somersault and jumped out of it and kept on running!  I wish I could have seen a video of it! 

 This next one is my injury.  We were moving a shelf into place at our new home and when John and I were lifting it, the back part of one shelf fell and pinched my finger.  It hurt so bad!  Any time I touched my pinky for a month it hurt!

Check out that dent!

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  1. Ouch! It's so fun to see so many Allen family updates! Glad you guys are still having fun all the time. We miss you.