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Friday, November 7, 2014

Summer Fun!

This post is a bunch of odds and ends summer stuff...

Johnathan's parents got a fun new toy!  When we were down in Fillmore, we gave it a spin.  Now John wants to buy one... Maybe someday...

Earlier this summer, we went to an orchard and picked a bunch of cherries!  The kids had a lot of fun and we found out the Brynn LOVES cherries!

She got so mad when I took the bowl & cherries away.  I just wish they didn't stain so badly!

 We also got injured a lot this summer!  Why not share those pics too :)

At work, Johnathan was playing a football type game with his crew during PT (physical training) and he landed wrong on his ankle.  He sprained it pretty good!

 Check out the size of that ankle!
 Nice bruise, although it didn't bruise as much as we thought it would

This next injury has a cool story to go with it!  Johnathan loves trail running.  He was getting ready for the Spartan Race, and was trail running up Mapleton canyon.  While he was running down a small hill, he tripped on something and as he was falling, did an army roll/somersault and jumped out of it and kept on running!  I wish I could have seen a video of it! 

 This next one is my injury.  We were moving a shelf into place at our new home and when John and I were lifting it, the back part of one shelf fell and pinched my finger.  It hurt so bad!  Any time I touched my pinky for a month it hurt!

Check out that dent!


This year, we gave the kids a choice of taking swimming lessons or going to Lagoon.  It was a unanimous vote for Lagoon!  It's been several years since we've gone.  We invited my parents & siblings to come along too.  We headed up early in the morning and got our camp set up (we brought up the trailer so we could stay the night nearby and play as long as possible).  Then we headed in to the park around opening time.  The first place we headed was the kiddy-land.

 Jayden and my brother, Jared
 Waiting in line
Notice how Jayden's almost as tall as his mother?
I don't like it... Not one bit...
 Jayden and my brother, Joe

 We moved on to the bigger rides :)
 Jacob and I on the Bat
This was Jacob's favorite ride.  I think
he will be a daredevil like his dad and older sister
 Nap time for the baby

 Grandma and Brynn
 This was Jacob's second favorite ride.  We 
went on it several times while waiting
for the taller people to ride the scary rides.
Jacob was sad to miss out on so many rides,
but he was happy to be able to go on this one alone
(well, with me watching him anyways)

 Do you like Jamie's photo bomb?

 Brynn was learning pole dancing skills...

 The whole gang... minus Grandpa.  Not sure where he was

My daredevil sister decided she wanted to go on the sky coaster and really wanted someone to go with her.  She easily got Johnathan to do with her.  Then Ashlyn said she wanted to go...  For those who don't know, the skycoaster is a ride in which you are strapped into a harness like shown below, then they attach a cable to your back.  They pull you up 143 feet into the air and let you plummet toward the ground, hoping the cable doesn't snap, preventing a horrific death.  Oh, and you have to pay extra for it...  Sounds fun, right?  Why wouldn't I let my 9 year old do this?!?!

I curse my husband for passing on his daredevil genes to our offspring...

 Getting pulled up...

At this point I switched over to a video and got no more photos.  I'm sure you're all worried, so I'll save you some anxiety and tell you that no one dies.  Thankfully!  Here's the video:

We were able to go on most every ride.  I tried a new ride and I regret going on it.  I am a wimp with rides... At least I tried.  Ashlyn loves ALL the rides, especially Wicked!  Johnathan is excited to have someone who will do the scary rides without making him deaf.  Jayden likes to hang out with his mom on the kiddy rides.  Yeah for us!!  I am thinking that Jacob will loves the scary rides like his dad.  What will Brynn be like?  Only time will tell.  The only ride she got to go on was the Carousel, because her mom is too cheap to pay for a full day pass so she can go on a couple rides.  We snuck her on at closing time :)

It was a fun day and we were happy to have my family come with us!

Childrens Museum

The kids got free passes to the Children's Museum from school last year and they were about to expire, so we decided we better go have some fun!  Brynn sure made it tricky...  When we were there, she was so tired, but it's hard to get her to sleep anywhere except her bed.  Basically, Brynn was cranky most of the trip.

 Chasing the balls

 Meet Miss Cranky Pants!

 Playing in the water
 Tasting the water... Yum!

 We found a little baby slide, but Brynn didn't care for it

 This was her favorite part of the whole museum.  
A swinging door...

Another fun trip!

I just noticed that Jayden is only in 1 picture...  Oops!  Can you tell that I'm the only one that takes pics and I follow Brynn around?  Sorry Jayden!